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请上传付款收据 ,大家可以截图。

大家可以参考以下STEP 3 的付款方式,可以使用支付宝哦。 (以下是折扣后的价格)

在马来西亚考的话: RM 760

在中国考PTE :  RMB 1950 

在新加坡考PTE : 美金 USD 270

3 simple steps to get a discount!


PTE Exam Fees after discount!

Malaysia  :  RM 760

Singapore :  USD 270

China :  = RMB 1950

Step 2:

Transfer the exam fees to Master PTE account:

Bank : Maybank (Ringgit Malaysia Payment) 

Account Name: Master PTE Consultation Services

Account Number: 562227349772

Wise Account  (USD Payment)

Account Name: Kae Lin Hoo

ACH & Wire routing number : 084009519

Account Number : 9600014881645555

Account type : Checking

Wise’s address :  30 W, 26th Street, Sixth Floor, New York NY 10010, United States.

Ali Pay (RMB Payment)  


Step 3:

** Please make sure your NAME & D.O.B is EXACTLY the same as your passport.

You might get rejected at the test center if it doesn’t match & there will be no reimbursement.

Fill up the form below : 

Exam Confirmation:

After submitting the form, we will promptly schedule your PTE exam within 24 hours. Upon successful booking, you will promptly receive an email confirmation from Pearson.
If you do not receive the confirmation email from Pearson within this timeframe, please contact us for assistance.

Please schedule your PTE Online test at your earliest convenience, taking into account appointment availability. Note that tests cannot be booked less than 24 hours in advance.

We'll book for the PTE exam within 24 business hours after all the details are submitted.

Booking Policy:
* No refunds for booked slots; alternative slots are available if fully booked.
* Ensure precise matching of your NAME with your passport, including accurate details such as date of birth and nationality. Errors may result in rejection without reimbursement.
* A confirmation email & receipt from Pearson will be sent upon successful booking; contact MasterPTE if not received within 24 hours.
* Once booked, exams cannot be rescheduled/canceled by MasterPTE; refer to Pearson’s policy for changes.

All the registrations are via the official PTE website.

Click here for the Exam Registration Policy.

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