Who Got Invited to Australia? – A Skilled Select Update 18.10.2017

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t’s now nearly the end of 2017, and we can see that there were fewer invitations issued this year despite the increase in occupation ceilings for a certain number of key occupations, accountants being one of them.

That said, we can see that those invited were the ones that scored relatively higher compared to those invited in 2016. This leads us to believe that a higher score is now required for each occupation to receive a Skilled Independent Subclass 189-Visa invitation compared to the previous financial year.

Let’s take a look at the October 2017 invitation round results:

Source: https://www.border.gov.au/WorkinginAustralia/Pages/18-october-invitation-rounds.aspx[/caption]

So what does the table above mean for applicants of these different occupations? Let’s break it down by profession to clear things up.

Accountant & Auditors

For the year 2017/18, 75 points are required by accountants (2211) and auditors (2212) to qualify for an invitation. According to the table above, we can estimate the waiting period for accountants (2211) to be around 6 weeks, and for auditors (2212), an estimate of 10 weeks.

We expect the score required for an invite to remain stable at 75 points for the next few invitation rounds. Therefore, we strongly urge those with a score of 70 points to increase them to 75, so as to increase their likelihood of being invited, and to do so quickly before the requirements evolve again.


The required score for both electronic engineers (2334) & others (2335) has been at 65 points, excluding other engineering professionals (2339).

The waiting period for all engineers is approximately 4 weeks.

We are expecting the score required for engineers to receive an invitation to increase over the next few invitation rounds. There is a high probability it will be bumped up to 70 points in the near future. Engineers looking to apply for Skilled Independent Subclass 189-Visa are encouraged to do so with haste. If time is not on their side, there is a second option, which is to increase your migration score. The easiest and fastest way to do that is to achieve superior English points through PTE, and an additional 20 points will be yours. Then, you can apply for your EOI with full confidence.

IT Professionals

IT Professionals including Software and Application Programmers (2613) and Computer Network Professionals (2631) required 65 points to get invited for the October 2017 invitation round while ICT Business & Systems Analysts (2611) required 70 points.

The score needed by IT Professionals to qualify for an invitation is expected to increase up to 70 points in the next few invitation rounds, and is predicted to remain stable at 70 points.


To sum up, it is recommended that everyone attempting for Skilled Independent Subclass 189-Visa, to accumulate sufficient points as soon as possible before the required migration scores continue to rise. Those who need to quickly accumulate points can look to sitting for PTE as a simple and fast option. It is a computer-based English test recognized by the Australia Department of Immigration. With PTE, achieving four 8’s is doable, and it is the quickest way to bring up your points and hence, make your dream to finally begin life in Australia a reality.

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